Greta DiGiorgio


"Greta Di Giorgio is WONDERFUL."

   - Don Gillis' Little Rhody Theater

"Greta Di Giorgio captures the timeless beauty of the message of Christmas that is all too often lost..."



Nyota Road: A Duo Project

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Inspired by southern gothic imagery and everyday beauty, Nyota Road is a husband and wife acoustic duo performing original songs about family, relationships and home.

It All started When....

Greta decided to write a song as a birthday gift for her husband, Mark.  She had always written silly tunes and even a children’s book but never a "serious" song.  From that first tune, came another and another with each song telling stories reminiscent of relationships, family and growing up her hometown of Warrior, Alabama. 

We call ourselves Nyota Road named from a road in my hometown.  Growing up I used to play on the river with my friends and take walks along the train trestle.  We would spend hours floating down the river, taking in the world as we knew it at the time.  To get there, we'd go down Nyota Road.  It's one of my happiest memories.

It feels a little weird to say that we're in a band.  We're just playing music together they way we always have but here we go!

Please visit our "The Next Gig" page to learn about our upcoming show and our "Listen" page to hear some professional recordings of our songs!